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Grooms name
You will be too busy enjoying your day so its good to have another contact available to speak to.
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We always contact your photographer ahead of your big day to introduce ourselves :)
Please find this out before filling out this form. The last thing we want is having a problem when we arrive on the day!
If there isn't don't panic, we just need to know so that we can plan accordingly.
This doesn't need to be 100% confirmed, it is just to give us a rough idea.
If there are't any readings taking place, just leave this blank.
If there are no planned speeches or you are planning to just have someone say a few words, please state that here.
If you aren't sure don't worry, some performance acts don't like being filmed because of their artistic rights on their music. May be worth contacting any applicable acts to make sure they are OK to be filmed.
Please list all relevant suppliers you used during your big day (cake, suits, dress, shoes, venue dressing, DJ, entertainment, food, flowers). This is so we can tag them into our social media posts!