Why should I hire a wedding videographer?

‘Why are videographers so expensive?’ A question that I have seen commonly asked by couples.

Truth be told, with the current trend in the worldwide wedding community, I believe more and more wedding couples are choosing to invest in having a wedding videographer present at their special day.

The beauty of it all is that wedding budgets vary, well so do the pricing of all the amazing wedding videographers that are out there! As well as the pricing, all wedding film makers put their own spin on how they shoot and edit their films. This is also dictated within the costs of what they charge. Cameras of higher quality, bring better quality in the imagery, meaning more cost. Other cost factors may involve filming with a drone etc. Even if you want a wedding film on a budget, this can be achieved with companies now offering the ability to hire a camera so your guests can film. The company then edit it for you for a cut price. Don’t ever feel you can’t have a video. There is always a way it can be achieved, but all the finished wedding films will vary in style and quality.

Up to 50 hours of work are spent on putting together wedding films!

I as a wedding videographer spend anywhere between 10-14 hours filming on the day of your wedding. The work doesn’t stop there…When returning home from your lovely wedding venue, the next thing involved is backing all of the footage up to a few different sources. It wouldn’t be great if all the footage was lost would it? ‘Can we just make you walk down the aisle again and pay for all your suppliers again please?’ Ermmmmmm……

Once your wedding day film footage is all safe, we can then proceed to put together the wedding film. The workload varies from choosing the correct musical tracks, along with extracting the parts of the speeches and ceremony to narrate your amazing wedding day story.

On average I would say I personally spend anywhere between 30-40 hours of editing time on my clients films. This is time to ensure that I’m delivering a film the couple will want to enjoy over and over and over again.

’I am going to check the other suppliers are OK with me having a videographer.’

This is something else I have seen quite frequently and it’s quite upsetting for me to read. Not from a business perspective, but from a human perspective! Myself and my wife got married in June 2018 at the stunning Cornwall Wedding Venue Cosawes Barton. I had my friend Alex Macleod Films capture my day and I can’t tell you how happy we were with the investment we put into having our day filmed. My wholesome opinion is ‘this is your day, no one elses and you have the day that you both want’. As a wedding day supplier, with you paying a fee for our wedding film services it is our duty to work with all your suppliers as a team. I can honestly say I have never had a problem with any other suppliers and we are truly all one big wedding supplier family.

Do your research and watch examples of wedding videography work!

From my perspective as a wedding videographer, this is one my biggest pieces of advice. Do your research and watch examples of wedding films. If you don’t like what the wedding videographer has produced previous, the likelihood will be that you won’t like what they produce for you. Also dont hesitate to ask questions before you book. I personally promote questions because there isn’t the space to put it all on our website. If you don’t ask you will never know! Don’t presume that they won’t travel to your venue for example, just always find out answers to any queries that you may have in your wedding planning journey.

Pictures are an epic memory, video is a moment you can physically relive.

Wedding films are the best way to capture moments you may have not even witnessed. Don’t forget during the preparation phase, the wedding couples aren’t together and may not get to experience what their partner went through. I work closely with your photographer to ensure we capture the most epic wedding photo’s and video possible!

Any questions you have around our wedding videography please get in touch with us here! Also check out examples of our work here!

Enjoy your wedding planning journey and seriously consider getting a wedding videographer, you will not regret it! 😊