Canadian Adventure

We want to briefly touch on the subject of our small Canadian heritage.  Myself and Laura recently spent a year living and working in Toronto, Canada (2014).  We were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to do a little bit of travelling as well.  We made three trips in total:

·    Canadian East Coast (Ottawa for Canada Day, Quebec City and Montreal)

·    New York City right up until Christmas Eve. 

·    Canadian West Coast (Vancouver, Banff and Calgary)

The year we lived away was an invaluable life experience that we wouldn't have changed for the world.  It was a struggle, but we recommend it highly to anyone who has the opportunity ever in their lifetimes to give it a shot!

As we’re getting married next year (June 2018), we will then be in a position of officially settling down.  I decided I wanted to take Laura back to Canada, two and a half years on from when we last returned to the UK. My aim was for us to relive and remember all the amazing memories we will cherish into our long and happy lives together.

On our trip I took my camera kit along with me to capture some video.  My kit at the moment consists of the Nikon D750. I really like this camera.  Its predominantly a brand that is known for photography, but this assists in the bold colour it records through its full frame sensor.  I actually filmed all of the footage handheld but this wasn't a massive issue with many 'Nikkor' lenses offering image stabilisation.

All of the footage was shot in and around Toronto.  We spent the whole time with family that I have over there.  This consists of two auntie's and uncles, along with three cousins.  

We spent time in Muskoka which is cottage country.  We were in the town of Bracebridge which is situated slap bang in the middle of the region.  Its a beautiful place which is clear to see with the images captured on the river at the back of my families cottage. 

A little bit of the video features downtown Toronto, in particular the distillery district. The famous 'LOVE' lock sign is situated there, where many people from around the world secure their locks with personalised love message written on them.

Finally we hit the wine region in Niagara on the lake.  Visiting the 'Trius' and 'Peller' wineries, we went for a wine tasting tour at both.  We think we will start to do this in more countries we are sure to visit around the world. 

The video I have produced is a great advert of the way I like to shoot and edit on a basic level.  Baring in mind I didn't use a lot of the equipment that I have at my disposal. Every film I produce I aim to clearly demonstrate a narrative.  Even with just the visual in this case and no particular audio, I throughly enjoyed producing it and I hope you enjoy watching it. 

Wilson & Ward Creative