Bench Mark


With this being our first blog, we wanted to give you a little more of an insight into our background and how it inspired the design on our logo image. There is a bit of a story behind it, which we would like to share with you.

We decided to go on an adventure living in Canada in the year of 2014. With neither of us having a job we were starting from scratch and to top it all off we had never lived under the same roof!  What was scarier was the fact we were venturing out with the possibility of it being a permanent move and starting a life out there forever.

As you can imagine this impulsive action was not easy and we often found ourselves dreaming about Sunday dinners and the beautiful English countryside.  Something we now realise we have taken for granted.

We were located in the outskirts of Toronto and it didn’t take us long to find a little town that has made an imprint in our life stories. One day we came across the charming town of Oakville and we instantly fell in love with the quaint shops, beautiful houses and community spirit of the place. It actually was a location that featured in part of the movie ‘The Santa Claus’.  There were a lot of british expats who were based there aswell, which was another ingredient of this town reminding you of something in a family Hollywood film. 

Around the back of the high street was the vast Lake Ontario. Baring in mind this ‘lake’ can apparently fit England into it, so it actually looked like an ocean. Here, next to a small park we found a bench that had a view that will sit in my mind forever. Every time we go back to visit we will make a conscious effort to visit this spot.

Sitting at this bench, looking out at the lake we were at peace. This became our special place that we visited on a number of occasions during our time in Canada. Particularly it was a place we would visit in times of emotional struggles, as it helped us to sit and reflect on all that we were achieving, as well as all our loved ones we were missing back home.

Back in England we talked about our special place and the fond memories we had created there. We soon realised that the bench was very symbolic of our time in Canada. We all sit on a bench at some point to eat our lunch, read a book or speak to friends.  It’s a place where memories are created, or you reflect on ones from the past. This is why we decided to incorporate this into our logo, resembling the beautiful memories that we want to capture for all our clients for many years to come. 

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